Learn how the most comprehensive phantom for digital breast tomosynthesis was developed.

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Tomophan® Phantom

Complete Characterization of DBT Image Quality

Digital breast tomosynthesis imaging has become an important technology in mammography screening over the last several years. Its advanced imaging capabilities require specialized tests to fully characterize image quality.

A new paper published in the JACMP describes the design and development of the Tomophan® phantom and its accompanying automated, cloud-based, Tomophan® QA analysis from Image Owl, Inc. 

The development of the phantom follows initiatives from the FDA, the AAPM TG245 task group, and European Reference Organization (EUREF) for Quality Assured Breast
Screening and Diagnostic Services Committee report

Goodenough, D. , Levy, J. , Olafsdottir, H. and Olafsson, I. (2018), Design and development of a phantom for tomosynthesis with potential for automated analysis via the cloud. J Appl Clin Med Phys, 19: 291-300. doi:10.1002/acm2.12297