Company History

The Phantom Laboratory has manufactured dependable, high-precision phantoms and innovative custom solutions for the medical imaging and radiation therapy fields since 1989. From the beginning, we have focused on product design and refinement. Working with several renowned physicists, including David Goodenough, Ph.D., Richard Mallozzi, Ph.D. and Charles W. Coffey II, Ph.D., we have introduced several patented designs and continue to work on new products and product refinements to keep pace with new and evolving medical imaging and radiation therapy technologies. Along with developing our own products, we are continually developing OEM and custom phantoms to meet the testing and research needs of our customers.



Our success is dependent upon our employees' capabilities. Our employees form a diverse and skilled workforce from artist to scientist, and are committed to manufacturing phantoms of the highest quality. All who work here take responsibility for their work, pointing out problems and working out solutions. They play an indispensable role in the ongoing improvement of our manufacturing procedures and our products.

We work hard to provide our employees with a work environment that encourages their creativity and participation. Our building was designed with employee comfort in mind. From the large windows in our production area to the cushioned radiant heated floor, attention was given to creating an environment that is physically and emotionally pleasing. During their breaks, our employees can enjoy 41 acres of hiking, biking, and snowshoe trails and a fully equipped indoor gym. The positive work environment contributes to our ability to attract and retain a talented and committed workforce.



The Laboratory itself is a study in energy efficiency, with liberal use of foam-filled fiberglass-framed triple-pane windows to maximize natural light while minimizing energy loss. The building incorporates several separate heating/cooling zones and variable lighting to customize working conditions to demand. The building has minimum heating and cooling loads due to insulation values which cut heat losses in half, and a heat recovery system recovers 70% of ventilation loss. This enables the use of small, high efficiency heating and cooling systems.

In addition to reducing energy losses, the passive solar design of the building provides a significant heat gain in the winter and shades the building in the summer. In 2004, the Laboratory installed a 24 kW on-grid solar energy system that was designed to produce 70% of the building's energy requirements. On weekends the excess energy produced goes back to the local electric company, providing clean power for other users. The system reduces by 20,000 pounds a year the CO2 emissions which would have resulted from conventional electrical generation. You can click here for a summary of the Phantom Laboratory's recent solar output. Additionally, we further reduced our oil use by 80% with the addition of a recycled wood pellet boiler.



The Phantom Laboratory integrates safety and quality into all of its procedures and processes. Our workplace safety and health program is recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor and earned us a place as one of the first companies in New York State to receive membership in its "Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program" (SHARP). Our pride of workmanship and comprehensive quality system combines to ensure that all our products meet the highest standards of quality and precision, earning FDA registration and ISO 13485:2016 certification.