Magphan®  System PHAnTOM - Model S162

Magphan® S162 has been designed to meet the specific QA needs for MRI scanners used in quantitative imaging, particularly in applications where geometric distortion can have critical impacts.

For more details please refer to the Magphan S162 Data Sheet.

Magphan® S162 has a 19 cm OD housing and measures distortion and uniformity throughout the 150 mm by 158 mm spheroidal volume. Along with 209 distortion measurement spheres the phantom contains 12 spheres filled with solutions to cover a range of T1 and T2 values seen in many important quantitative clinical applications. Additional test objects enable slice thickness and high resolution measurements. Using our patent-pending technique, signal uniformity is also measured throughout the full 3D phantom volume.

Analysis Service for Magphan Model EMR051

The analysis service, provided by Image Owl’s Total QA® system, is included in the price for two years and measures key performance indicators including:

  • geometric distortion

  • signal uniformity

  • slice thickness

  • resolution along two orthogonal axes

  • signal-to-noise ratio.

The service is conveniently cloud-based and totally automated. Uploading a DICOM image series of the phantom generates an informative report. Trending and comparative analysis of data between machines is included.