The primary Catphan® models are the Catphan 500, 600, & 700. Each phantom is designed to provide comprehensive evaluation for different CT scanning technologies.

Catphan 500: The Catphan 500 provides complete characterization of maximum imaging performance for axial and spiral CT scanners. The Catphan® 500 provides a comprehensive set of measurements to evaluate your CT scanner’s sensitometry, uniformity, geometric and low contrast sensitivity performance.

Catphan 600: The Catphan 600 builds on the capabilities of the 500 model to enable maximum performance characterization of multi-slice CT’s and the enhanced sensitometry measurements required for radiation therapy. The Catphan® 600 has enhanced measurement capabilities for precise measurement of thin slices and higher resolutions found in multi-slice scanners.

Catphan 605: The Catphan 605 provides a compact, inexpensive phantom with a basic suite of tests to measure maximum performance characteristics of multi-slice CT’s and other state of the art scanners. The Catphan® 605 has enhanced measurement capabilities for precise measurement of thin slices and higher resolutions found in modern multi-slice scanners.

Catphan 700: The Catphan 700 is intended for use with state of the art CT scanners and research that require an advanced phantom to measure their full potential. These include resolution patterns up to 30 lp/cm and the CTP 721 wave module for measuring voxel resolution and geometry across the slice area.

Other  Catphan® and CT phantoms


The Phantom Laboratory and physicist David Goodenough, Ph.D., have worked together to develop the Catphan Phantom line. Catphan designs are based on four decades of scientific research and direct field experience in the evaluation of CT scanning equipment.

Four decades of Catphan development and associated research have been well documented in over 100 scientific presentations and journal articles and have resulted in numerous patents.

The Catphan system has evolved with advances in CT technology to ensure that you can measure the full capabilities of today's advanced scanners.

The Catphan system has been designed to work with automated analysis systems such as the Image Owl Catphan®  QA system.

Maximum Performance Evaluation

The Phantom Laboratory’s philosophy on image quality testing is to enable you to test the maximum capabilities of your CT system. All of the phantoms within the Catphan line have been designed with this philosophy in mind. Knowing the outer bounds of your CT system’s performance enables you to make more informed decisions when optimizing CT scanner performance and scanning protocols.

Convenient and Accurate Setup:  Reducing Scan Time and Improving Measurement Quality

Catphan designs provide exclusive features to improve scanning efficiency by reducing setup time and increasing measurement accuracy. All designs include quick setup features such as the case mount system and internal test object design.

As all of the test sections are arranged at prescribed intervals from the first module, operators can quickly scan all test sections in a single sequence, eliminating the need to reposition the phantom for each section. In addition, the integral case mount allows the phantom to be positioned in the scanner and supported off the end of the table, eliminating table artifacts. The case is also equipped with a level to aid in positioning. Fast, easy positioning and the universal mount of the Catphan® Phantom makes it ideal for daily quality assurance programs on any scanner.

Designed for Durability and Practicality

The Catphan line’s solid-cast construction eliminates material absorption of water, freezing and leaks associated with water bath phantoms, as well as problems related to varied water sources. Catphan Phantoms are constructed from modules and housings  that fit snugly together.

Removing the requirement to drain the phantom between uses makes the Catphan system easy to transport and ideal for traveling physicists and engineers who conduct comprehensive evaluations of CT scanners at multiple locations.

Modular Construction

The  modular design of the Catphan phantoms allows test modules to be interchanged. As your testing needs change and new modules are developed you can upgrade test modules that are compatible with your Catphan system.

The Catphan line also includes a number of accessories allowing you to modify the base Catphan with various annuli to test image quality under a variety of conditions.

Complete Test Coverage

The Catphan series of phantoms covers a full set of tests to completely characterize your imaging system’s performance. The test objects have been designed to provide you with the maximum performance of each key characteristic.

Areas of coverage include:

  • Sensitometry

  • Contrast

  • Resolution

  • Geometry

  • Positioning

See individual Catphan® descriptions for detailed information.

Catphan® QA Automated Phantom Analysis from Image Owl, Inc.

To assist Catphan customers, The Phantom Laboratory has worked with Image Owl, Inc. to develop Catphan® QA, a web-based service for fully automated analysis of Catphan Phantom images. All currently manufactured Catphan models are supported.

The Phantom Laboratory and Image Owl, Inc, offer a discounted option for this service when bundled with the purchase of a new Catphan phantom. Please contact us for pricing information.

Please visit the Image Owl, Inc. site for more information on the services available.