The Phantom Laboratory’s line of sectional phantoms are constructed with a natural human skeleton cast inside our proprietary RANDO® material that has the same effective atomic number as the body's soft tissue. The skeleton material is skillfully reconstructed and adjusted by our technicians to overcome any natural asymmetry and for fit within the mold.

For detailed information, please refer to Sectional Data Sheets: Hand Phantom Data Sheet, Elbow  Phantom Data Sheet, Foot Phantom Data Sheet, Knee Phantom Data Sheet

As a result, the phantom material is radiologically equivalent to soft tissue. The material is virtually indestructible, capable of withstanding substantial impact and continuous handling without damage. The joints in each Sectional Phantom also have a fixed degree of natural flexion.

Available Models

XA235R and XA235L Elbows: The Elbow Phantoms contain the lower third of the humerus and upper third of the radius and ulna. The right elbow has a 90-degree flexion and the left elbow is extended.

XA231R and XA231P Hands: The Hand Phantoms contain the lower third of the radius and ulna along with the carpal and finger bones. The hands can be pronated or relaxed.

XA245R and XA245L Knees: The Knee Phantoms contain the lower third of the femur and the upper third of the fibula and tibia bones. The right knee is in 90° flexion and the left is extended.

XA241R and XA241L Feet: The Feet Phantoms contain the lower third of the tibia and fibula along with all the bones of the feet. The left foot is relaxed and the right foot is in plantar flexion.