The 3D Image Fusion Ramp Cube enables verification of registration for SPECT/CT and PET/CT fusion imaging.

For detailed information please refer to the 3D Image Fusion Ramp Cube Manual and Data Sheet.

The phantom consists of a 10cm clear urethane cube with three 1mm diameter channels each fitted with standard Luer connections designed to be filled with a radioactive solution. Inserted into each channel is a 0.4mm diameter steel wire. The ramps are set at 23° angles in order to bisect the fused scan slice. When imaged with a CT scanner, the wire creates a high contrast image. When imaged with SPECT or PET the radioactive solution creates a high contrast image. By fusing the two images and comparing the positions of the wires and channels, the registration can be accurately verified and misregistration measured.

The Fusion Cubes 1mm diameter line sources are ideal for spatial resolution measurements of the SPECT or PET system.

There are two Image Fusion Cubes available. The other is the SMR356 cube which has 3 perpendicular 1mm channels. The SMR356 enables spatial resolution measurements on a sagittal, coronal and axial reconstruction from an image set from a SPECT or PET system.