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The Magphan® 3D MRI Distortion Phantom  was developed with physicist Richard Mallozzi, Ph.D., to provide detailed mapping of image distortion in MRI images. The phantom contains an array of  165 polycarbonate spheres to provide a complete and accurate 3D  distortion map.

With the increasing use of MR scanners for radiation oncology planning and guidance, concerns about distortion effects and their impact on treatment planning and delivery accuracy have increased. The Magphan® phantom  provides a reliable  tool to measure and monitor distortion in these systems


The Phantom Laboratory and physicist David Goodenough, Ph.D., have worked together to develop the Catphan® Phantom line. Catphan® designs are based on four decades of scientific research and direct field experience in the evaluation of CT scanning equipment.

The Catphan® system has evolved with advances in CT technology to ensure that you can measure the full capabilities of today's advanced scanners.


The RSVP Phantom™ head and pelvis  phantoms were developed to provide stereotactic localization and dose verification for radiosurgery machines.The phantoms may be used for a variety of radiation therapy applications including periodic quality assurance evaluations and acceptance testing and end-to-end testing in conformance to AAPM TG-54. The phantoms may also be used to perform re-evaluations after equipment or software upgrades.

OEM and Custom Solutions

Do you need a phantom that does not exist?
Call us. We may be able to build it for you. In many cases, custom needs are addressed by modifying existing phantom designs, and in others, an entirely new phantom is built from the ground up. Whatever you need, let us know and we will be happy to talk with you about it.

Specialized Phantoms for Medical Equipment Manufacturers
In addition to manufacturing our own line of high-quality products, The Phantom Laboratory designs and builds custom OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) phantoms for medical equipment manufacturers. As an FDA registered, ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer, we can be counted on for consistent and reliable service and high-quality construction. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your company's phantom requirements with you.