Catphan® Phantoms

Comprehensive CT Performance Measurements

A full range of Catphan® Phantoms are offered for measuring the maximum obtainable performance of axial, spiral, multislice, conebeam, and volume CT scanners.

Experience Innovation

The new Catphan® designs are based on three decades of scientific research and direct field experience in the evaluation of medical imaging equipment.

The Phantom Laboratory and physicist David Goodenough, Ph.D., have worked together to develop the Catphan® Phantoms. These phantoms are used to complete comprehensive performance evaluations of axial, spiral and multislice CT scanners and to implement quality assurance programs.

Modular Construction

The Catphan® modular design allows test modules to be interchanged.

As your testing needs change and new modules are developed you can upgrade test modules that are compatible with your Catphan® system. Additionally, the Catphan® system is ideal for traveling physicists and engineers who conduct comprehensive evaluations of CT scanners at multiple locations as they are easily transportable and no draining is required between uses.

Durable Design

Solid-cast construction eliminates material absorption of water, freezing and leaks associated with water bath phantoms, as well as problems related to varied water sources.

Catphan® Phantoms are constructed from modules that fit snugly into a durable 20cm housing. All Catphan® modules are made from solid-cast materials.

Tests - Summary

  • scan slice geometry (slice width and slice sensitivity profile)
  • high resolution (up to 30 line pairs per cm)
  • phantom position verification
  • patient alignment system check
  • low contrast sensitivity
  • comparative subslice and supra-slice low contrast sensitivity
  • spatial uniformity
  • scan incrementation
  • noise (precision) of CT systems
  • circular symmetry
  • sensitometry (linearity)
  • pixel (matrix) size
  • point spread function and modulation transfer function (MTF) for the x, y, and z axes

Available Models

Catphan® 500, 600, & 700 are designed for comprehensive evaluation of axial, spiral, multislice, conebeam, and volume CT scanners.

Catphan® QA Automated Computer Analysis Program from Image Owl, Inc.

To assist Catphan® customers, The Phantom Laboratory has worked with Image Owl, Inc. to develop a web-based automated service for analysis of Catphan® phantom images with the versatility of Internet access. Catphan® 500, 503, 504, 600, and 700 models are supported.

Customers scan their phantom and upload a DICOM image to the web-based server where the test module is identified and results reported by the automated system. The report is available to download or print for the customer's records.

Image Owl offers additional advanced tools and services with a yearly subscription, including multiple image (slice) uploads, longitudinal performance history, and user specified alerts.

Please visit the Image Owl site for more information on the services available.

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